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Video Survey Results

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Here are the full results from our survey last month about software video production. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us raise money for the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life.

We recently spoke with an expert video producer who makes software videos for one of the leaders in the digital experience market. Without sharing the results in advance, his data validates what we learned, especially the time and cost it takes to produce software videos in the SaaS world. 

Here is a summary of the findings in case you missed our last blog post.

Approximately how many software videos you have in your video library? survey 1


Can you estimate the total number of hours of video in your video library? survey 2


What would you guess is the percentage of your product features covered by software videos? survey 4


What percentage of your videos are up to date with your latest software release? survey 5


Do you offer software videos in multiple languages? survey 6


Which of the following best describes how you offer your software videos? survey 7


Do you believe your customers prefer video or online documentation? survey 8


Do you believe videos reduce (or would reduce) your number of support tickets? survey 9


Which of the following video types do you offer to your customers? survey 10


Where are your software videos available from? survey 11


How often are your software releases? survey 12


Which department(s) is responsible for making software videos? survey 13


How much time would you estimate it takes to produce a three-minute video (scriptwriting, screen recording, voice recording, editing, and review)? survey 14


Who records the voice for your videos? survey 15


What rate would you estimate is the hourly cost of making a video? (Please select the closest "blended" rate in US Dollars.) survey 16


How many days after a new release are ALL videos that need to be updated available to customers? survey 17


How do customers access your software (primary method)? survey 18


How many people in your organization are responsible for making videos? survey 19


Is this within your department (product) or company-wide? survey 3


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