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Game-changing scalability 📈 Explainer video software's impact on YOU

Game-changing scalability 📈 Explainer video software's impact on YOU

Yeah, you. Like, personally.

At least on a business level.

In the ever-evolving world of software, every click. Every interaction matters. Amidst all the chaos and noise, video has become the ultimate tool helping your customers with self-service and engagement.

From guiding new users through the nuances of onboarding to offering in-depth training sessions and ensuring customer success, video content is indispensable.

Yet, with rapid software updates and evolving user needs, keeping these videos up-to-date poses a serious challenge.

Yesterday's tutorial might not solve today's problem, and software updates make video production a constant case of catch-up... or Whack-a-Mole.

But there's a better way. That's why we created the Video Acceleration Roadmap, to help assess the impact of explainer video software on your individual business.

What's stopping your team from scaling content production? You'll find out.


What IS the Video Acceleration Roadmap?

The Video Acceleration Roadmap is not just another assessment tool; it's your strategic partner in redefining software video production. Developed with insights from customer success and education experts, this tool offers a comprehensive evaluation of your current software video production capabilities across key dimensions:

  • Scalability: How well does your process adapt to increasing demands?
  • Globalization: Are your videos effectively translated for global audiences?
  • Content Currency: How quickly can you update videos to keep it matching your software?
  • Launch Readiness: Do you have a full set of videos ready at product launches?
  • Cost Efficiency: How cost-effective is your production, considering both quality and expenditure?

Why Choose the Video Acceleration Roadmap?


Targeted InsightsTargeted Insights

With the Video Acceleration Roadmap, you gain deep insights into your video production's strengths and weaknesses. The tool's detailed analysis helps identify specific areas that need improvement, enabling you to make informed decisions and prioritize strategies for enhancement.




Actionable RecommendationsRecommendations

Beyond mere assessment, the Roadmap offers actionable recommendations tailored to your unique situation. Whether it's adopting new technologies like explainer video software, streamlining workflows, or leveraging global content strategies, the tool provides clear, practical steps to elevate your software video production game.



Cost and Time Efficiency

Efficiency is paramount in software video production. Just ask the 48% of people we surveyed who tell us the average time to produce one is a full business day for a 3 minute video! The Roadmap's focus on automation, streamlined processes, and strategic planning helps reduce production times and costs, ensuring you can keep up with even the most prolific development cycles.

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Who Can Benefit?

Whether you're a startup looking to reduce onboarding or support costs. or an established software company looking to reduce churn by increasing engagement, the Video Acceleration Roadmap is designed for you. It's particularly beneficial for:

  • Customer Education & Customer Success Leaders: It's designed to help you accelerate customer time to value, reduce churn, drive product adoption, enable self-service, and scale your customer success teams efficiently. For those focused on these strategic business outcomes, this roadmap is a game-changer.

  • Content Producers: If your goal is to make "how-to" videos that are faster, better, and cheaper, this tool is for you. It simplifies updates, enhances quality, and ensures your content is accessible in multiple languages, tackling the tactical challenges head-on.

Take the First Step Towards Video Production Excellence

Embrace the future of video production with the Video Acceleration Roadmap. Discover how this powerful tool can transform your video content strategy, streamline your production process, and catapult your brand to new heights. Are you ready to accelerate your video production journey? Begin the Assessment now!