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Learn about our new integrations that bring Videate to where you already work, in the tools you already use, rather than you coming to the Videate platform


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5 min read

How to reduce customer churn when it's more critical than ever

Customer churn is a major challenge faced by many SaaS companies. On average, SaaS companies lose 3-8% of their...

4 min read

No need for human voiceover when you have realistic text to speech

Perception sometimes lags behind reality.  Case in point: text to speech (TTS). 

Perception: Clunky, soulless, robotic...

5 min read

How to quickly make AI generated videos with Videate

We have entered the era of AI generated content. AsWayne Boulais, Co-Founder & Managing Director Tensility Venture...

Continuous Deployment

3 min read

Faster software releases mean bad customer experience. Or do they? Continuous Delivery for SaaS

Major software updates are a… complicated affair for end users. Customers greet each new release with a mixture of excitement and dread:

  • What are the new features?
  • How did the designs/layouts/UX change?
  • What bugs are fixed?
  • Are there new bugs?
  • What new...
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3 min read

How To Keep Your Video Training Library Up to Date With Videate

When a viewer notices a video isn’t up-to-date, it ruins the experience and undermines the information the video presents.  Subconsciously, a connection gets made– if a brand fails to keep its videos accurate, what else is it neglecting? Product...

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2 min read

Digital Transformation: The Future Is Video

Video exploded over the last decade. From TikTok dances to B2B eLearning modules, video is being produced, used, and talked about on a mind-boggling scale. And it’s going to get bigger.

TikTok hit 1 billion monthly active users in September 2021. The...

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2 min read

DITA for Learning and Training: A New Approach

As many of you know, the DITA for Learning and Training specialization never got much traction. Without going into all of the history, it seems that by the time the specification was originally published it was already out of synch with the market. Most...

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2 min read

Video as Part of your Software Release Process

Does this sound familiar? Your team’s “Definition of Done” means that every software release contains updates to the relevant documentation. Tech pubs is busy writing, capturing the new screenshots and watching for the final changes. And then the new...

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