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How-to video localization: Faster, better stronger– but how?

How-to video localization: Faster, better stronger– but how?

Did you know that Procore used to need half a year to localize a single customer education course? 

Key words: used to.

Procore underwent a globalization transformation. Procore knew that its global customers needed to get these courses faster–but without burning through their resources.

The International Instructional Design team needed time and strategic effort to transform, but it was so worth it: they shrunk turnaround time from over 5 months to just 6-8 weeks!

Hear directly from Procore on what it took to prepare for and operationalize the changes required to build a top of the line localization program in our webinar Localization: Faster, better, stronger– how?

Join us Tuesday, January 24th, at 10am-11am CT and you’ll learn:

  • Procore’s globalization maturity model (incl. content creation, processes, hiring, and product)

  • What–and who– is needed for the transformation. Like partnerships and software resources.

  • Their top best practices gleaned from the experience (ie. where to start and how to scale).


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