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Neural text to speech has UPENDED the SaaS how-to video game

Neural text to speech has UPENDED the SaaS how-to video game

That annoying TikTok text to speech voice is out. Neural text to speech is IN. Unlike traditional text to speech (TTS), neural text to speech (NTTS,...

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Why SaaS Companies are Globalizing Videos Now More Than Ever

Why SaaS companies are globalizing videos now more than EVER

Staying ahead requires more than innovation; it demands strategic adaptation. As companies become more and more global, the realm of multilingual...

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How Procore shrunk customer education course delivery by 70%

How-to video localization: Faster, better stronger– but how?

Did you know that Procore used to need half a year to localize a single customer education course? Key words: used to. Procore underwent a...

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3 Reasons Why Companies Struggle Making Videos in Multiple Languages

3 reasons why companies STRUGGLE making videos in multiple languages

In our 2022 State of SaaS Video Report, we found that globalizing video is way behind where companies (global companies, at that) want to be. SaaS...

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how to globalize your video content with videate

How to GLOBALIZE your video content with Videate

Today, your company can now reach pretty much every person in the world, quickly and easily. But, reaching people around the world is different from...

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How to find the best translation services for your needs

How to find the BEST translation services for SaaS

All business is global. And in order to do business globally, you have to think local. We're talking local language. Literally. To reach every corner...

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auto-translation is the future

Auto translation is the future and the future is NOW

All business is global. Anyone with a cell phone has access to your products, your services, and your messaging. They could be right next door or in...

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6 Text to Speech Companies Leading the Industry

6 text to speech companies leading the industry

Can you tell the difference between a human voice actor and a synthetic voice using text-to-speech technology? Before you answer, you’ll want to...

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New learnings about scaling video translation

When we got started 2+ years ago we made a couple of strategic bets. One was that text-to-speech voices would come of age and they have. Another was...

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3 keys to scalable video translation

One of the most interesting use cases for automating video production is language translation. Very few organizations can produce software videos, in...

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Automated software video translation has arrived

One of the great challenges of modern SaaS applications is keeping the onboarding tools, technical documentation and videos up to date. Agile...

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