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New Learnings about Scaling Video Translation

When we got started 2+ years ago we made a couple of strategic bets. One was that text-to-speech voices would come of age and they have. Another was that translating software videos could be scalable and sustainable. We are seeing a very sharp increase in the number of customers wanting to translate their videos into multiple languages. Here are some of our recent learnings about video translation.

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Automated Software Video Translation has arrived

One of the great challenges of modern SaaS applications is keeping the onboarding tools, technical documentation and videos up to date. Agile engineering and releases means things change rapidly and while some of the very largest companies can limit the number of annual releases to two, most teams are faced with quarterly, monthly or more frequent releases. There are some great onboarding and tech pubs tools available in the market, but very little in the way of solutions for video automation and translation. If you have frequent releases keeping software videos up to date in multiple languages has been at best a nightmare and at worst impossible. Until now.

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