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Learn about our new integrations that bring Videate to where you already work, in the tools you already use, rather than you coming to the Videate platform


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Top 5 Benefits of Video for SaaS Companies


We recently conducted a comprehensive survey to better understand SaaS companies’ attitudes, methods, investments,...

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Top 10 Video Challenges for SaaS Companies

Videate recently conducted a comprehensive survey across SaaS companies to better understand the attitudes, methods,...

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Faster software releases mean bad customer experience. Or do they? Continuous Delivery for SaaS

Major software updates are a… complicated affair for end users. Customers greet each new release with a mixture of...


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How to Globalize Your Video Content with Videate

Today, your company can now reach pretty much every person in the world, quickly and easily. 

But, reaching people around the world is different from actually communicating with them. And it's important that you focus on the latter because 75% of people...

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5 min read

How to Find the Best Translation Services for Your Needs

All business is global. And in order to do business globally, you have to think local.

We're talking local language.


To reach every corner of the earth, we need to speak each others' languages. 40% of customers will not buy from a site that’s...

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3 min read

Auto Translation is the Future and the Future is Now

All business is global. Anyone with a cell phone has access to your products, your services, and your messaging. They could be right next door or in the middle of the Sahara desert. Plus, businesses themselves can set up shop anywhere in the world.


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2 min read

New Learnings about Scaling Video Translation

When we got started 2+ years ago we made a couple of strategic bets. One was that text-to-speech voices would come of age and they have.

Another was that translating software videos could be scalable and sustainable.

We are seeing a very sharp increase...

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2 min read

Three Keys to Scalable Video Translation

One of the most interesting use cases for automating video production is language translation. Very few organizations can produce software videos, in multiple languages, at scale.

But there's a huge demand for it.

While many software/SaaS companies have...

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1 min read

Automated Software Video Translation Has Arrived

One of the great challenges of modern SaaS applications is keeping the onboarding tools, technical documentation and videos up to date.

Agile engineering and releases means things change rapidly. While some of the very largest companies can limit the...

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