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Why SaaS companies are globalizing videos now more than EVER

Why SaaS companies are globalizing videos now more than EVER

Staying ahead requires more than innovation; it demands strategic adaptation. 

As companies become more and more global, the realm of multilingual video content emerges as a critical component for customer success. After all, how can a customer feel supported if all self-service content is in another language? It could look like the company doesn’t actually care about their customers in that country.


The Shift to Multilingual Video Libraries

The multilingual video revolution is upon us. In our report, The State of SaaS Customer Success and Product Training Videos, we asked B2B SaaS leaders how many languages they offered videos in. We found that, in the span of just a year, the number of SaaS companies providing videos in multiple languages surged by 20% from 2022 to 2023.

42% offer videos in multiple languages, and we only expect that number to grow given the upward trend.

As these companies expand their efforts to engage international audiences, they're resonating more deeply with customers and grabbing a larger slice of the market.

This uptick in multilingual video production signifies more than just your competitors' effort to deliver impactful, translated videos to their global audience. Their investment isn't arbitrary—it's most likely a response to a substantial rise in customer demand for videos in their preferred language. 

If this trend hasn't yet manifested in your customer base, don’t worry. You’ll see it soon. Demand for video goes up year after year. It only makes sense that people would demand it in their own language.

This strategic move isn't just about communication; it's about aligning with the preferences of diverse markets. As a company's reach expands, the potential for increased revenue expands as well. Every new market captured means harnessing new revenue streams. Multilingual content translates to tangible business growth. 

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The Value of Fully Translated Videos 

Technology has likely boosted these efforts to globalize. For example, 42% use machine translation. Given the speed and ease with which they can translate their documents, it makes sense that translating videos would be the next step.

But producing videos in multiple languages has long been a time consuming process. Machine translation speeds up the script translation bit, but then there’s still the voiceover and the actual software version to screen record.

It’s no wonder that many of these companies have opted to translate only the voiceover while sticking with the original English version of the software. That way they don’t have to navigate multiple instances in other languages. (Sidenote: Videate enables you to generate multilingual videos with both voiceover and in the proper software instance, automatically. See for yourself!)

Translated voiceover only may work in a pinch, but most customers prefer how-to and tutorial videos to display exactly what their own software version looks like. It’s frustrating when the video doesn’t match. Imagine how much more frustrating it is when the video doesn’t match the software because it’s in another language.

Customer success hinges on providing clear guidance, and language barriers can be a huge roadblock. For instance, a company launches a groundbreaking software update. While English-speaking users enjoy step-by-step video guides, non-English speakers are left struggling. They might miss out on exciting features, and frustration might drive them away. Product adoption and customer retention may suffer.

Contrast that with meeting them where they actually are. The experience is seamless– they have a question, they get an answer, and it matches their language and software. Many global customers have had to put up with only getting tutorials in English. It’s time we did better for them.


Support Every Language with Videate

As B2B SaaS companies continue to globalize their customer success efforts more and more, it’s imperative to either match or exceed their trajectory if you want to stay competitive. 

Yet globalizing the video production process is a massive pain– if you’re still doing it manually.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Videate automates the creation of how-to and tutorial videos. In any language.

With dynamic content updates in the face of continuous software updates, Videate empowers companies to deliver relevant content that resonates across languages.

Videate is the bridge between your company and your global customers. The future is multilingual– embrace it, conquer it, and emerge as a global industry leader.


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