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90% Faster! 😱 How Reputation slashed video production time with Videate

90% Faster! 😱 How Reputation slashed video production time with Videate


Reputation used to need 12-15 hours to produce a single video. So how did they suddenly get it down to only 1 hour?


Reputation obviously had a challenge on their hands. Their education videos were “pretty crucial when it comes to our overall training strategy," according to Kasey Kershner, a customer training manager at Reputation. 

But, they were constantly playing catch-up due to a time-consuming manual video production process: “it was long, (and) it was clunky."

Add on the consistent software changes, and their videos were constantly out of date. Keeping their videos current was a huge challenge. 

“It felt very insurmountable,” Kershner said. It felt like she was “never going to reach the end… never going to get the finish line when it comes to getting these videos into a good place. …We were having to make a decision on whether to produce videos or pare down our video library significantly.”

Enter Videate. It was “a total game changer,” according to Kershner.

Not only were they able to shrink video production timelines to a tiny fraction of the old process, but they also were suddenly able to scale their libraries and even reach global customers in their own languages.

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Reputation pre-Videate: a challenging manual video production process

Reputation is a reputation management platform that consolidates information for businesses like reviews, surveys, and social media. With everything together on a single platform, businesses can seamlessly manage their customer experience from acquisition to loyalty.

You can imagine how important it is that users be able to stay on top of updated features and troubleshoot on their own so they can get back to monitoring their organization’s reputation.

“Our video library is definitely extensive, and it has historically been kind of outdated,” Kershner said. Only about 10% of their videos were considered current or updated due to their manual process, which Kershner describes as “really long and bulky”:

“Prior to working with Videate, we actually did all of our customer training videos and all of our platform training videos on a very manual process. I was writing the scripts, I was screen recording, I was editing.”

Then on top of this, regular software updates rendered all that effort useless. "I was making these great videos and then a new update would come out and within a month or two, our videos would be outdated," Kershner recalled.

Without automation, there was simply no way Reputation could manage their video library at scale. They needed a solution that could ensure “updated content all the time,” without “slow[ing] our process as far as updates to the platform and being able to serve our customers better.”


Using Videate’s AI and automation to create training videos at scale

Videate’s platform provided the solution Reputation needed. 

Since implementing Videate, Reputation has seen a dramatic improvement in their video creation process. “With Videate, now I can go from a blank page to a fully done video in about an hour.”

"Now, when something happens on our platform and something changes, I can just go back into Videate and I can make a few changes. I get a brand new video that's current within maybe five minutes," Kershner explained. 

They have been able to create and update videos in a fraction of the time it took them before, which keeps their training content fresh and relevant.

“Now when something happens on our platform and something changes, I can just go back into Videate and I can make a few changes. I get a brand new video that's current within maybe five minutes. 

So it absolutely has changed our process and it makes it to where everything is constantly up to date and it is super valuable for our internal team, but also for our customers.”


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Results: Why Videate is Reputation’s go-to software to create training videos

The time-saving aspect of using Videate was significant for Reputation. Kershner shared, "Being able to create videos in 10% of the time and then being able to update videos in probably 3-4% of the time has been huge." 

The ease of managing their video content also reduced the sense of overwhelm for Kershner. "My number one biggest benefit of working with Videate is it no longer feels overwhelming to me to manage our videos," she said. 

Additional results with Videate:

  • Producing a single video went from 12-15 hours to just 1 hour

  • Updating a video went from about 4 hours to 5-10 minutes

  • Producing high quality videos in a fraction of the time it took to do it manually

  • Reputation can now provide videos in multiple languages efficiently

  • Creating videos no longer requires specialized video editing skills, the workload is spread across multiple team members and departments


Ready to slash your video production time? Try Videate, the leading software to create training videos

Reputation's partnership with Videate has had a profound impact on their video creation process, transforming it from a cumbersome task to a streamlined, efficient process. 

"Partnering with Videate was definitely the right decision for us at Reputation. It has been a total game changer in our video creation process. I am Team Videate and I am really, really excited about continuing to work on the platform.”

Videate has proven itself to be a powerful tool for businesses needing to create and manage high-quality videos efficiently and effectively. As Kershner puts it, "I would absolutely recommend Videate to anyone who is looking to create high-quality videos in a way that is efficient and effective."

“Anyone looking for a tool that is going to be a huge impact on the video creation process, (without) having to hire a bunch of video experts, making sure that your content is up to date, being able to translate it seamlessly..

Videate is definitely the solution that is going to work for you.

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