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The power of self-service: how videos drive Customer Success

The power of self-service: how videos drive Customer Success

Empowering customers to help themselves is critical. Not only does it help reduce the strain on resources, but customers demand it.

That’s probably why 60% of SaaS companies believe that the best benefit of video is self-service customer support.

Self-service, the ability for customers to find solutions independently, is a game-changer for Customer Success teams. By putting the control in the hands of customers, self-service not only reduces support burdens but also enhances their experience.

And when it comes to unlocking the true potential of self-service, one tool stands out: videos

Let's dive into the impact of self-service and explore how videos can be the secret sauce in delivering exceptional customer success.


Why Self-Service Matters for Customer Success

Picture this: Your customer has a problem. But rather than waiting on hold or submitting a support ticket, they’re able to immediately resolve their issue the second they need to. 

Self-service content makes that happen. It:

  • Improves call deflection: Liberates customer support teams from addressing common, low-level issues, allowing them to focus on more complex challenges and personalized interactions.
  • Empowers customers in their moment of need: By offering self-service resources such as video tutorials and knowledge bases, customers gain autonomy in finding the right solution at the right time.
  • Scales Customer Success efforts without headcount: As the customer base grows, self-service resources scale effortlessly, accommodating a larger audience without straining support resources.

By offering a rich library of resources, such as knowledge bases and video tutorials, Customer Success teams achieve a win-win scenario. 

In today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Customers crave quick resolutions, and self-service delivers precisely that.


Types of Videos for Effective Self-Service

When it comes to self-service, video content plays a vital role in guiding customers towards success. 

Research from our State of SaaS Customer Success and Product Training Videos Report reveals the top four types of videos that companies make to support their customers:

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1. Troubleshooting Common Problems and Solutions

Troubleshooting videos act as a lifeline for customers facing obstacles in their journey. With step-by-step demonstrations, these videos help users troubleshoot and resolve common issues independently. 

From resolving errors to handling glitches, troubleshooting videos empower customers to find quick solutions without the need for direct support.


2. Basic Platform Navigation

Introducing customers to the platform's interface and navigation is crucial during the onboarding phase. Basic platform navigation videos offer a guided tour, helping new users familiarize themselves with the software layout and core functionalities. 

By understanding the platform's structure, customers gain the confidence to explore further and maximize their experience.


3. Major Features and Functionality

Major feature videos are instrumental in showcasing the full potential of the SaaS product. Whether it's demonstrating advanced tools or highlighting key functionalities, these videos unlock the power of the software. 

By providing comprehensive insights, customers learn how to leverage the platform's capabilities effectively, leading to increased adoption and satisfaction.


4. Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anticipating customer queries and providing quick answers is the hallmark of effective self-service. Snappy and informative, these videos save customers precious time, eliminating the need to call support or submit a ticket.

These videos serve as an easily accessible knowledge base, enabling users to find answers swiftly without the need for extensive searches.

By incorporating these essential video types into their self-service arsenal, Customer Success teams empower customers to take charge of their learning and problem-solving processes. 


The Impact of Videos on Customer Success

Videos hold the key to unlocking a world of possibilities for Customer Success teams. As customers navigate their self-service journeys, these dynamic visual assets play a pivotal role in accelerating product adoption and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Leveraging videos for onboarding and product education empowers new users to hit the ground running, making the learning curve seamless and enjoyable. By demonstrating major features and functionalities through video tutorials, SaaS companies provide customers with comprehensive insights, enabling them to utilize the software to its full potential.

Furthermore, videos serve as troubleshooters, addressing common problems and offering step-by-step solutions in a user-friendly format. With self-service at the forefront, customers gain a sense of control, as they can swiftly access answers to frequently asked questions through video FAQs. 

The measurable impact of videos is evident in the enhanced customer retention and satisfaction rates. As 60% of SaaS companies affirm, the best benefit of video lies in the ability to empower self-service customer support, elevating customer success to new heights.


How Videate makes it easy for you to provide self-service

Self-service is the heartbeat of modern Customer Success. Harnessing the power of videos, Customer Success teams unlock the potential to elevate customer experiences.

A happy, self-sufficient customer is a lifelong advocate. 

But producing enough videos to support a self-service content library is time consuming when done manually. 

Want to accelerate your video production process? Videate helps SaaS companies create, update, and globalize their software how-to videos at scale. 

With Videate's AI and automation, you can create professional-grade videos without needing any editing skills.

Normally it takes days to produce video tutorials-- if you're doing it manually. With Videate, it takes just minutes.

Embrace the power of video tutorials and pave the way for a more successful and customer-centric SaaS business. Get a demo today to see how you can work smarter, not harder.

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