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Creating video tutorials that increase product adoption

One of the key challenges we face in SaaS Customer Success is product adoption. How can we ensure that new users not only onboard, but actually start using the product? How can we get them to use more of the product, and set them up for success as soon as possible? So much so that they’re ready to...

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Why Video Automation is the Next Big Thing

Why video automation is the Next BIG Thing

Our initial results from Videate’s State of SaaS Video Survey show three major things: Businesses... 1. Know how important video is 2. Dedicate a lot...

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7 Best Practices: Writing for Text To Speech Voices

In general, people tend to write “for reading” rather than “for speaking.” When generating text to speech voiceover using this type of writing, the...

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Best SaaS Customer Support uses Videos for Common Issues

Exposing the best-kept secret in SaaS training best practices

How can companies provide effective SaaS training and support at scale? Self-service. And the best way (and most asked-for by users) to provide it is...

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The Power of Self-Service: How Videos Drive Customer Success

The power of self-service: how videos drive Customer Success

Empowering customers to help themselves is critical. Not only does it help reduce the strain on resources, but customers demand it. That’s probably...

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4 Reasons Why AI Doesn’t Replace Humans in SaaS Customer Success

4 Reasons why AI doesn’t replace humans in SaaS Customer Success

AI is changing fast. So much more rapidly than any of us expected (and we already expected speed). Sometimes it feels like we’re on a rollercoaster...

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Easy-peasy AUTO GENERATED videos: Step-by-Step with Videate

Easy-peasy AUTO GENERATED videos: Step-by-Step with Videate

The future of SaaS training videos is here, and it's auto generated videos! Here's a quick-start, step-by-step guide to getting started making auto...

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The Future of Video Marketing: How AI is Changing the Game

We’ve come a long way from carrier pigeons, telegrams, and phone calls. Video now leads as the most effective form of communication on Earth. And...

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The Unstoppable Rise of Tutorial Videos in B2B SaaS: Are You Keeping Up?

The UNSTOPPABLE rise of tutorial videos in B2B SaaS: are you keeping up?

How-to videos are no longer a “nice-to-have”. They’re a “need-to-have”. And if you’re not already on board with that, don’t worry. Your competitors...

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Why SaaS Companies are Globalizing Videos Now More Than Ever

Why SaaS companies are globalizing videos now more than EVER

Staying ahead requires more than innovation; it demands strategic adaptation. As companies become more and more global, the realm of multilingual...

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The Skyrocketing Demand for Video and Why You Should Care

The skyrocketing demand for video and why you should care

The battle for customer attention is fiercer than ever. As B2B SaaS companies strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences, the choice between...

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The Power of Video in B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Support

The power of video in B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Support

B2B SaaS companies are on a quest for success. Customer Success. Okay that was cheesy. But it's true! SaaS companies are constantly seeking...

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Unleash self-service success with videos

Automation is totally overhauling customer service videos

The world of customer support and success is evolving rapidly, with video automation and video tutorials emerging as transformative tools. We will...

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Using Customer Success Videos to Highlight SaaS Features and Upgrades

Using Customer Success videos to highlight SaaS features and upgrades

Imagine this: You've invested in a top-notch SaaS solution to ramp up your business's productivity. But how do you keep that value flowing and retain...

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3 Easy Tips to Optimize SaaS User Onboarding with Videos

3 easy tips to optimize SaaS onboarding with videos

The people have spoken, and they want videos. And not just for marketing, or YouTube. They want it for everything. Yeah, even your user onboarding...

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