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6 min read

What are the Benefits of AI Generated Content for SaaS Companies?

AI generated content – it’s currently the biggest, buzziest subject in the worlds of business, technology, and art....

1 min read

How-to video localization: Faster, better stronger– but how?

Did you know that Procore used to need half a year to localize a single customer education course? 

Key words: used to.

3 min read

Why do software how-to videos take so long to make?

What is the most precious resource? Is it data? Money? Technology? Nope-- it's time.

In the 2022 State of SaaS Video...

3 min read

Why Video Automation is the Next Big Thing

Our initial results from Videate’s State of SaaS Video Survey show three major things:


1. Know how important video is

2. Dedicate a lot of time and resources towards video production

3. Are constantly behind on video production.


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3 min read

Picking the right TTS voice: Why this is critical for your brand

“This is CNN.”


There are some slogans we just automatically hear in our heads even while reading. Like the above with the voices of James Earl Jones and Gilbert Godfrey, respectively. That's how strong the right voice for your brand can be. 


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2 min read

How to Globalize Your Video Content with Videate

Today, your company can now reach pretty much every person in the world, quickly and easily. 

But, reaching people around the world is different from actually communicating with them. And it's important that you focus on the latter because 75% of people...

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4 min read

Top Trends That Are Changing the Face of Instructional Design for SaaS

You broke a doorknob. You find two videos on how to fix it. 

One is two hours long. It goes into the origin of doorknobs, different types of doorknobs, the cost of doorknobs, great doorknobs in history, how the instructor got into doorknobs and all the...

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5 min read

How to Find the Best Translation Services for Your Needs

All business is global. And in order to do business globally, you have to think local.

We're talking local language.


To reach every corner of the earth, we need to speak each others' languages. 40% of customers will not buy from a site that’s...

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3 min read

7 Reasons Why You Want this Article to be a Video

Look, prose is great. Writing is important and reading is fundamental. But when it comes to getting an idea across, especially when it comes to imparting key knowledge about your goods and services, nothing is better than video

Think of it this way –...

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3 min read

Auto Translation is the Future and the Future is Now

All business is global. Anyone with a cell phone has access to your products, your services, and your messaging. They could be right next door or in the middle of the Sahara desert. Plus, businesses themselves can set up shop anywhere in the world.


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3 min read

6 Text To Speech Companies Leading The Industry

Can you tell the difference between a human voice actor and a synthetic voice using text-to-speech technology? Before you answer, you’ll want to listen to some of the samples we’ve included and see what you think. 

Hint: It’s harder than you think.


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