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How generative AI is making customer retention easy

How generative AI is making customer retention easy

It’s a struggle to keep up with constant updates as a SaaS user.

Multiply that by a bunch of times when it comes to producing the training materials for those users when your software is constantly changing!

New features, updates, and improvements come fast and furious. But keeping your training materials up-to-date is crucial for customer retention. 

Luckily, with the increasing availability and capabilities of generative AI, you can ensure your customers stay informed and engaged at every lifecycle stage (and thus improve customer retention). 

Here’s how (and why).


Why continuous training matters for customer retention

To be honest, just saying “because: retention” pretty much sums up this topic. 


But if you need more details, continuous training means always teaching and updating users about your product’s features, best practices, and new stuff. 

In the SaaS world, this is super important because software is always changing with updates and new features. Continuous training makes sure users always have the latest info, helping them use the product better and hit their goals. 

Here’s why it’s key for keeping your customers happy:

  1. Improved Product Adoption: Customers are more likely to use new features and get the most out of your product when they have up-to-date training.

  2. Reduced Churn: Happy, well-informed customers are less likely to leave for a competitor.

  3. Enhanced Customer Success: Good training helps customers reach their goals with your product, leading to long-term success.

  4. Customer Loyalty: Regular updates and training show you care about customer success, building loyalty and trust.

How generative AI make continuous product training easy 

Generative AI is changing the game for product training, making it super easy at every stage to ensure customer retention. 

Here’s how AI can help keep your customers happy and loyal– a few of these are already here in some capacity, while others are in the near future.

Of course, with how fast AI keeps improving, it’s impossible to know whether that “near future” means “next year” or “next week”. So keep an eye out for these ways generative AI can improve user experience and, ultimately, customer retention.

1. Automated Content Updates

  • The Problem: Manually updating training materials with each product change takes forever and can be messy.
  • AI Solution:  In the near future, AI can automatically generate updated training materials to reflect the latest product changes. This is actually one of the biggest reasons to jump on Videate’s AI-powered automated video creation platform. Right now it takes just minutes to update your videos with every new release– imagine how much more Reddit work you’ll be able to get done when all your training videos are updated automatically!

2. Personalized Training Experiences

  • The Problem: Different customers need different things from your training materials.
  • AI Solution: AI can customize training materials for different user groups, giving each customer the info they need most. This makes learning easier and more relevant for everyone. Right now this still requires manually prompting a generative AI solution to generate content for each segment, but eventually we see this getting fully integrated with your customer data. As soon as they can ensure that data is secure, of course.

3. Efficient Multilingual Support

  • The Problem: You’ve got customers all over the world who need training in different languages.
  • AI Solution: There are already machine translation solutions out there, so imagine how much better your localization is going to get with the power of AI. Eventually all that translation will just happen automatically, and with AI, be even faster and more accurate to your customers’ local dialects. 

4. Continuous Improvement

  • The Problem: Training materials can quickly become outdated without regular updates.
  • AI Solution: Eventually you’ll be able to integrate user feedback and performance data with an AI tool that can analyze all the above and then spit out training materials that are always improving. What a time to be alive.


Real-world ways to use generative AI NOW and improve customer retention

Companies leveraging generative AI for continuous product training have reported significant improvements in customer satisfaction, customer retention, product adoption, and overall efficiency. 

For instance, Nextiva has used Videate’s AI-powered video generator to create and update training videos in multiple languages efficiently. This has enabled them to keep pace with constant product changes and improve training for their global user base.

And Reputation was able to speed up their video production process by 90%, ensuring their customers are always getting the best, most relevant info.

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