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Learn about our new integrations that bring Videate to where you already work, in the tools you already use, rather than you coming to the Videate platform


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What are the Benefits of AI Generated Content for SaaS Companies?

AI generated content – it’s currently the biggest, buzziest subject in the worlds of business, technology, and art....

1 min read

How-to video localization: Faster, better stronger– but how?

Did you know that Procore used to need half a year to localize a single customer education course? 

Key words: used to.

3 min read

Why do software how-to videos take so long to make?

What is the most precious resource? Is it data? Money? Technology? Nope-- it's time.

In the 2022 State of SaaS Video...

3 min read

10 Things You Need To Know About SaaS Sales And Video

Training videos are an essential component of a sales enablement strategy. Videos are easily consumable, shareable, and many people learn better by watching a video over reading text instructions.

Video is dynamic. It can engage internal sales teams and...

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2 min read

Auto-generated Video And How To Get The Most Out Of It

Video is critical for businesses now, but can be challenging to produce. Some organizations rely too heavily on a single person to make videos, creating risk for their video pipeline if that person leaves or gets sick.

Other organizations require complex...

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3 min read

Are Branded Text To Speech Voices Ethical?

The new Netflix documentary profiling Andy Warhol features an AI voice reading his diary. It’s almost spooky how life-like and realistic the synthetic voice sounds.

Another documentary film, RoadRunner, faced ethics complaints in its telling of the life...

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3 min read

What Is the Modern Learner and How to Teach Them

Just as the workplace has changed significantly over the past few years, so has the way people learn. Today, employees feel overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient as they work amid constant disruptions and distractions, leaving very little time to turn...

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3 min read

How To Keep Your Video Training Library Up to Date With Videate

When a viewer notices a video isn’t up-to-date, it ruins the experience and undermines the information the video presents.  Subconsciously, a connection gets made– if a brand fails to keep its videos accurate, what else is it neglecting? Product...

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3 min read

How Businesses Can Use Text to Speech As A Competitive Advantage

A few short years ago, text to speech in B2B was more of a novelty. It has now become a necessity. In keeping pace with generating training and business videos, text to speech is a crucial component to scale production and automate content delivery.


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2 min read

How to Make Videos with Google Docs

Your documents are a gold mine of material for software training videos. But do you have a current process for turning existing Google docs or XML files into video content?

Creating training and business videos can be time-consuming and overwhelming....

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4 min read

How we made a high quality, personalized text to speech voice

Our big bet when we started Videate was that text to speech (TTS) would keep getting better, eventually becoming indistinguishable from human speech. 

This founding principle drove us to keep chipping away at other aspects of the problem: like making an...

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