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How Videate's explainer video software revolutionized Bitsight's video production

How Videate's explainer video software revolutionized Bitsight's video production

For cybersecurity companies like Bitsight, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. So when Bitsight needed to quickly create high-quality training videos at scale, they turned to Videate to transform their video creation process. 

Judith , a Senior Instructional Designer at Bitsight, shares her experience with Videate: 

"Partnering with Videate is probably one of the best decisions we've made. We're creating amazing videos, and our customers are happy. We're getting more work done with the limited resources that we have, so it's wonderful."

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Before Videate, making a software explainer video was a challenge


Before Videate, creating a software explainer video was a daunting task for Bitsight. Like many companies, they grappled with the limitations of their resources. 

The traditional approach to video creation was time-consuming and prone to human error. Each step, from recording audio to editing the final video, required meticulous attention to detail and a significant investment of time. 

As a result, the team found themselves struggling to keep up with the demands of creating high-quality training videos. They knew that in order to stay competitive and continue providing value to their customers, they needed to find a way to streamline their video creation process and make it more efficient– without hiring additional staff.


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Using Videate’s explainer video software to produce how-to videos


Using Videate's explainer video software, Bitsight significantly transformed their video production process. The software not only accelerated the creation of videos but also enabled the team to adapt to changes swiftly, resulting in an increased volume of videos published for their users. 

The impact of Videate's software extended beyond efficiency gains. It enabled Bitsight to expand its video production capabilities without the need for additional hires. 

According to Judith,

“Videate has been able to help us not only in creating videos quickly, but also keep up with all of the changes. We have been able to increase the number of videos that we have been publishing for our users.

Additionally, we were able to loop in other teams to create videos, so that really helped us.

Our small team now is able to expand without the need of extra hires or anything. It required one tool.”

This scalability was crucial for Bitsight, allowing them to meet the growing demand for their videos without straining their resources. Additionally, the software's user-friendly interface made it accessible to team members with varying levels of video editing expertise. 

This accessibility empowered Bitsight's team to create high-quality videos efficiently, further enhancing their productivity and output.


How Videate’s explainer video software works


Videate's automated video creation process eliminates the need for recording audio and editing videos. With Videate, all Bitsight had to do was tell the explainer video software what they wanted to do, upload the script, review the auto-generated video, and then download the final product. The process was simple and required no video editing expertise.

"We no longer needed to record our audio and edit it. We no longer had to worry about human error.

We literally would just tell the computer through a spiel, "This is what we want to do" Upload it, review it, and export it. And that is it.

You absolutely do not need to be a video editing expert by any means to use Videate, which is wonderful."

Plus, the scalability of Videate’s capabilities is key. Normally when a SaaS platform updates– often as consistently as every two weeks!-- teams have to scramble to redo all the impacted videos.

But with Videate, all a user needs to do is re-render the video. No re-recording, re-editing, etc. So it’s faster to make videos in the first place with Videate, and over 10x faster to update them.


Results and impact of using Videate


3The impact of Videate on Bitsight's video creation process was profound. They were able to create more videos, involve other teams in video creation without needing to deal with a video editing learning curve, and eliminate the need for audio recording and editing. Human error was significantly reduced, and the team could focus on creating high-quality content without the technical barriers.

Judith concludes, 

"I would absolutely recommend Videate to anyone. I'm never sitting there feeling like I'm just another number or just another customer. I feel like they really care, and that makes me super happy."

Videate's explainer video software has revolutionized the way Bitsight creates training videos, allowing them to be more efficient, productive, and focused on delivering value to their customers.

Are you looking to streamline your video creation process and create high-quality training videos without the need for video editing expertise? 

Then you need to get on board with auto-generated video.

Explore Videate's explainer video software and experience the same transformation that Bitsight did.

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