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6 reasons ASi believes the BEST software for creating training videos is Videate

6 reasons ASi believes the BEST software for creating training videos is Videate

ASi went from struggling to release one training video weekly to producing up to 15 per week.

According to Michelle Balagia, a technical writer at ASi, “creating videos does not take as nearly as much time as it used to with Camtasia.”

That’s right, we’ve got a Camtasia-killer on our hands.

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With Videate, they not only saved time but also transformed their entire process. This increase in productivity was a game-changer for ASi, allowing them to clear their backlog and focus on creating new, impactful content.

Here are 7 reasons why ASi believes Videate is the best software for creating training videos.


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1. Camtasia vs Videate: From 2 days of editing to 1 hour of automation

Before Videate, ASi could barely squeeze out a video or two per week. “[A]nd that's probably being generous," says Balagia.

And it took days. They had to use Camtasia to painstakingly record their screens, record voiceover, then finally edit each video.

No wonder it took so long. ASi 2

Since teaming up with Videate, they're churning out training videos like there's no tomorrow. Their production rate has skyrocketed, going from a trickle to a flood, all thanks to the magic of automation.

Videate's automation allowed ASi to significantly reduce the time it takes to create videos, transforming their workload from days of production work to just about an hour of automated video generation. They can now churn out quality videos at scale.

"We are creating so many more videos per week… it's just saving so much time all around in so many areas… creating videos does not take as nearly as much time as it used to with Camtasia."

According to Balagia, "This has not only saved time but has also allowed the manager to focus on other critical tasks such as creating projects and managing the team:

"It freed up a lot of my time, too. As the manager, I could focus on other tasks, (like) creating projects, managing the team, being the resource that they really need."

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2. Backlog destroyer. Champion of the up-to-date video.

At any given time, ASi had about 50-100 videos that needed to be updated.

And updating them required having to completely remake them. Recording the screen. Recording the voice. Editing the video. Over and over again.

Add on the fact that they’re a SaaS company with regular updates? "It's impossible to keep up with changing technology nowadays,” says Balagia. 

Out-of-date videos became a huge problem. They can lead to confusion, frustration, a negative user experience– they can even cause errors or serious misunderstandings of the product. There’s a reason customers expect up-to-date and accurate information when it comes to software tutorials or instructional videos. 

Balagia believes:

"It's really important to have the proper software to manage an enormous video library. If you don't, the video library ultimately will become outdated…

Previously, when we were creating videos manually, we had a single person that their entire job was to create videos, manage the library. As the library grew, it became impossible for one person to manage."

No bueno.

asi - sisyphusEspecially considering ASi’s video library consists of anywhere from 11 to 20 hours’ worth of content.

Trying to tackle that manually became a Sisyphean task.

Luckily, Videate solved that problem. Using Videate, ASi is “now able to create new videos and not just focus on [remaking] old videos. We're really able to stay focused on new content, new videos.”

Because the old ones can be updated at the click of a button.

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3. No more manual voice recording with Videate’s AI voices

Remember all that voice recording ASi had to do previously?

"My experience with other software, specifically Camtasia, was that it was all manual. We even had problems with recording our voice. You know, I recorded my voice yesterday and I need to rerecord something today and I sound completely different. It's so time-consuming, making sure your video is professional and current with software that's manual."

Well with Videate, ASi can skip all that. Videate uses AI voice technology to record the voiceover automatically.

"You don't have to worry about any of that. You don't have to record your voice because they have an enormous library of voices to choose from, and the software records your screen for you."

Balagia is relieved to remove the exhausting task of voice recording from her team’s to-do list. "Not having to record my own voice and edit the video all afternoon… It's just  been such a time saver and our team is really, really happy with the software."


4. Consistent quality, brand compliant at the click of a button

Another downside to manual video production is inconsistency in quality. Maybe the video creator was feeling sick that day, or overwhelmed with the rest of their busy workload. So they miss a logo here, a brand font there.

ASi 3

Videate makes those mistakes impossible. You set it up with your brand stuff beforehand. And then every video that uses that persona will use the exact same parameters.

With Videate, all of ASi's videos now boast consistent quality and appearance, enhancing their brand image and professionalism. “All of [our] videos are consistent. They look alike. It's professional,” adds Balagia.

All that without tacking on more work.


5. No editing skill gap. Share the (work)load.

ASi's video production struggles were real. The original manual approach was overwhelming, requiring one person dedicated to simply handling the video library. Outdated content and constant remakes added to their challenges, leaving them drowning in work.

Plus, trying to spread the workload of manual video editing means training a bunch of other people on how to record and edit video. It’s not just intuitive, no matter how good manual editing tools have gotten.

With the power of automation, not only was the entire process faster and easier, they were able to spread the workload.

"We were able to spread out the tasks of creating videos between our team members because it's so fast,” Balagia says, “you can create videos so quickly.”

Remember that full-time video person? They were no longer needed to focus on videos, so they got promoted to full-time technical writer. A move that was previously unthinkable. 

Video creation no longer requires somebody to learn how to record and edit, the entire team can pitch in.

“[E]ach person is in charge of creating videos and managing the video library,” not just one.


6. Incredible customer support and onboarding

ASi's journey with Videate wasn't just about the software; it was about the exceptional customer support and onboarding experience they received. 

According to ASi, their onboarding with Videate was nothing short of amazing. 

"We had an awesome onboarding experience,” says Balagia. The Videate team went above and beyond, even helping “create a few sample videos to help us understand how Videate could work specifically with our software."

"I have nothing but positive things to say about working with the team at Videate."

The Videate team’s dedication and availability made the transition to using Videate seamless and stress-free. They were always ready to hop on a call or provide the guidance ASi needed to make the most out of Videate's features.


Summary: ASi’s INCREDIBLE results

  • Increased video production output from struggling to release one to two videos a week to producing up to 15 videos a week.

  • Elimination of an enormous backlog of videos, allowing ASi to focus on creating new content rather than remaking outdated videos.

  • Ability to shift focus from manual video creation to other important tasks, leading to the promotion of the previous video person to a full-time technical writer.

  • Savings of an entire person's time, as they no longer needed a dedicated person to manage the video library.

  • Consistency and professionalism across their video library, with all videos being consistent in quality and appearance.

  • Time savings in creating and updating videos, with video creation now taking only an hour or two compared to an entire day or two with Camtasia.

  • Ability to share the load of videos among team members, as creating videos does not take as nearly as much time as it used to with Camtasia.


Videate: the BEST software for creating training videos

Per Balagia, Videate is “so extremely easy to use.” It completely transformed the way ASi creates training videos, allowing them to be more efficient, productive, and focused on delivering value to their customers rather than wading through the endless slog of manual video editing and re-editing.

Are you looking to streamline your video creation process and create high-quality training videos without the need for video editing expertise? 

Then you need to get on board with auto-generated video.

Explore creating training videos with Videate. Get a demo today and see what it can do for you!

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