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Video Personalization Through Automated Production

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When you record software videos there are a lot of small decisions that impact the user experience. If your target audience will be watching videos on a mobile device as well as a laptop or desktop, simple things like the cursor size and color can make a huge difference.

A cursor that is easy to follow on your monitor can get lost on a small screen. Some users prefer cursors with a different shape and color, some prefer traditional black arrows, and some prefer no cursor at all.

If you give users a choice of voices, options like male or female, British or American English, Latin American or Spanish from Spain, you will get similar personal preferences. The differences can be hard to see particularly if you have a global audience where their primary language is not English. We work every day with clients who have operations in India, Ireland, Italy, Russia, and the U.S. and the feedback is pretty consistent.

Things like cursor and voice preferences depend on user location, age, and device. Videos are time-consuming and expensive enough to manually produce with your own subject matter experts or voice talent, how can you ever expect to personalize the experience without automation? This is now possible with the Videate platform.

With Videate, you can use “personas” to control things like cursor size, color, voice, keyboard sounds, and navigation style (e.g. mouse or trackball). We support different video formats and playlist standards to provide the best experience for different devices. Many clients are integrating customizable video players to control the look and feel of the videos even further. We live in a world of user personalization, where setting preferences for everything from email to Alexa to enterprise applications are expected.

We listened to a user-led session last week from a very successful software company that has built an impressive video recording operation. Over the course of several years, they were able to prove the value of software videos and get substantial funding to create a dedicated video studio at their corporate headquarters. They showed some very cool metrics about user engagement with their video-based educational content over time. It was exciting to see the impact of video on not only their educational services but on their marketing team as well.

But in a post-COVID world, it’s probably unlikely that most companies will be in a position to do something comparable given work from home changes, the upfront budget for equipment and technology, and most importantly the time it takes to scale. If you work for a SaaS company, always up to videos are a must-have requirement for on-demand educational offerings. Instructor-led training is declining at an accelerated pace and the thirst for software videos is on the rise. The time for new solutions for sustainable and scalable video production is now.

Because Videate can produce videos with different options through automation, the opportunity to personalize the user experience is finally possible. The cost of producing videos through Videate is significantly less than manual recording and the quality of generated speech has come of age. And you won’t need to buy expensive equipment or schedule studio facilities. And Videate never leaves your company for another job, gets sick or is too busy with other work. What’s your video preference?

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