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Top Ten Favorite Customer Comments

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As we head into the new year, we collected up our favorite customer and prospect statements, observations, and anecdotes from the past year. Below is our Top Ten list about Videate and video recording. While none of them have reached iconic movie line status, they tell a good story about why so many companies are now working with Videate.

Number 10:

The voices sound human!

Number 9:

I uploaded my script and made a video in one take.

Number 8:

You mean I don’t have to create separate caption files?

Number 7:

Your engineer who created the tag generator was a genius.

Number 6:

Our labs were just too complex. No one ever finished producing all the videos.

Number 5:

We took community feedback and republished a new video in 8 minutes.

Number 4:

My team is in shock, they really didn’t believe Videate could do it.

Number 3:

Yeah, it’s a lot less expensive than hiring more people.

Number 2:

Even our French team thought the French voices sounded good.

And our number one favorite customer comment: 

Our engineers actually agreed to a code change to make it easier for Videate to record our videos.

If you want a sustainable and scalable way to keep your videos up to date with every software release, please contact us.

Whether you are in customer success, education, technical support, documentation, or enablement, Videate makes it easy and affordable to add lots of videos to your content library.

Here’s looking at you, kid. 


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