The 2nd Annual "State of SaaS Video" Survey is now open!

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The 2nd annual State of SaaS Video survey is out– and we want to hear from you! 

This year we’ve partnered with CELab (aka Customer Education Laboratories) to measure SaaS company norms and attitudes around software videos, from producing to publishing. 

Last year’s video survey results are still our most visited blog post– a whole year later. 

Some of last year’s key findings included:

  • 93% believed videos reduced support tickets
  • Only 30% said their software videos were up to date with the latest release
  • The average time it takes to make a 3-min video is 12 hours

It’s time to get updated info and see how things changed year over year. 

Plus, we’ll share all the insights we’ve gathered once the survey closes in May.


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