The world of customer support and success is evolving rapidly, with video automation and video tutorials emerging as transformative tools. We will explore the significance of video automation and the impact of video tutorials on self-service, customer education, and satisfaction.

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Why video automation is the Next Big Thing for customer service videos

Businesses today recognize the vital role of video content in connecting with customers. However, they face significant challenges in producing and maintaining video content, especially in a landscape where products and services frequently update. Manual video editing, while familiar, is costly and time-consuming, forcing companies to make tough decisions about which products receive video coverage.

Enter video automation. A solution that leverages documents, images and assets to produce videos without manual editing. Video automation allows content creators to generate and publish videos rapidly, addressing the growing demand for up-to-date video content. It's a game-changing approach for businesses striving to keep pace with evolving technologies.

Why do people still do manual video editing?

The allure of familiarity often impedes the adoption of innovative technologies. People tend to resist change, clinging to established practices.

Video automation is a relatively new concept, leading some to view it as an unknown entity. However, it offers a clear solution to the challenges associated with manual video production, which involves hiring expensive specialists, extensive editing, voiceovers, sound design, and graphics. 

In 2023, nearly half of the surveyed businesses reported taking two days to produce a single three-minute video. Video automation is essential to keep up with the rapid pace of software releases.

Why is it worth making the jump to video automation?

Video remains a cornerstone of customer engagement, with 90% of customers expecting videos for new products, services, and updates. Video automation is the ideal means to meet this demand effectively. It saves time, particularly for Subject Matter Experts who often juggle video creation with other responsibilities.

Furthermore, video automation seamlessly scales, enabling businesses to cover more ground and maintain an updated video library. This scalability is particularly valuable for companies embracing continuous delivery. Additionally, automation facilitates the creation of videos in multiple languages, supporting global expansion and catering to customers in their native languages.

The best SaaS Customer Support Teams use video to resolve common issues

Effective customer support at scale relies on self-service solutions, and video tutorials are among the most sought-after tools by users. SaaS companies are recognizing the need to empower customers to resolve issues independently, freeing up support teams to address complex challenges. By integrating video tutorials into knowledge bases, companies can significantly reduce support ticket volumes, boost product adoption, and retain satisfied customers.

Addressing common SaaS customer issues with customer service videos.


Video tutorials offer an optimal solution for addressing common customer pain points. These tutorials guide users through software, providing step-by-step instructions, visual demonstrations, and solutions to prevalent issues such as onboarding challenges, troubleshooting, maximizing product value, integration difficulties, and product updates. By addressing these pain points proactively, businesses enhance customer success and retention, fostering a more loyal customer base.


How to identify what topics should have knowledge base videos


Determining which issues warrant video tutorials involves various strategies, including analyzing support tickets, soliciting customer feedback, and monitoring customer behavior data. Prioritizing topics based on their impact on customer retention and product adoption rates ensures efficient allocation of resources. By tackling the most critical issues first, SaaS companies can elevate the overall customer experience.

Quick tips for creating effective customer service videos


Creating impactful video tutorials requires adhering to best practices, including keeping videos concise, using visuals and narration to engage viewers, providing brief context, and offering transcripts and captions for accessibility. Additionally, delivering videos in multiple languages ensures a broader reach and better serves diverse customer bases.

Video automation and video tutorials are revolutionizing customer support and success. Addressing the challenges of manual video production, enabling businesses to meet the growing demand for up-to-date content effectively. Video tutorials empower users to resolve common issues independently, reducing support ticket volumes and increasing customer retention. By embracing these innovations and adhering to best practices, businesses can enhance customer support, drive product adoption, and cultivate a more satisfied and loyal customer base.


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