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Top 5 Benefits of Video for SaaS Companies

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We recently conducted a comprehensive survey to better understand SaaS companies’ attitudes, methods, investments, and challenges regarding video content. We compiled survey results into the 2022 State of SaaS Video Report.

The principal points are illuminating: one major takeaway is that businesses believe the biggest impact for video is increasing customer success. 

In our survey, we asked: 

What is the best benefit of video for your business?

Out of the top 5 answers, 4 are directly related to customer success, and the other informs video strategy in overarching, comprehensive way. Keep reading for a more in-depth look.

Best benefit of video for your businessSee the full results in the 2022 State of SaaS Video report!

1. Easy to consume for the viewer (72%) 

While this isn’t customer success specific, it still bears noting: videos are what customers want! And it makes total sense. 95% of the total population are either visual or audible learners, and videos combine visual and audio storytelling.

So, whatever SaaS businesses plan to do, whether it’s product marketing or product education, make sure there is a video component.


2. Self-service customer onboarding/ education (70%)

Most adults prefer asynchronous learning– meaning learning at your own pace. Onboarding and educational videos allow users to learn what they need to, when they need to, without taking a class or reading a manual.

The trick (and the problem) is to create short, helpful videos for all the different features and updates of your software. This can seem like a Herculean task, but it’s possible, thanks to automated video. Automated video can help businesses create professional, educational videos fast and with little effort (and even in multiple languages). 


3. Self-service customer support (55%)

Just as people want to learn at their own pace, they also want to figure things out on their own. Users today would rather watch a video than deal with the dreaded phone tree just to fix a simple issue. 

Imagine having a customer having a technical issue, digging for a customer support number, dealing with a robot, waiting on hold, speaking to a customer service agent, getting transferred, waiting on hold again, explaining their problem again to another customer service agent, and on and on. Then imagine, even after all that effort, they still couldn't solve the problem. 

If you just got triggered by that experience description, apologies (we certainly did). Consider how this same customer would feel about your company, brand and services and if they will show you any customer loyalty.

Now imagine that instead of the above nightmare, your customers are able to find troubleshooting videos for what they needed the second they needed it. It's no wonder that this scenario prompted people to respond that self-service customer support is a key benefit of video for their businesses.


4. Increased customer engagement (52%)

According to Brightcove, sites with a strong video presence have “on average a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines, a 105% increase of time on site, and 2 times overall conversion.”

That’s a big deal.

Customers that spend more time with your products will show more loyalty and are more likely to recommend your brand to others. In fact, “Video content generates 1200% more shares than images and text combined.


5. Reduced technical support tickets (45%)

Videos aren’t just good for the customer– it’s good for the employee! Fewer technical support tickets means technical support deal more with the big stuff and less with the constant simple issues.

And the benefit is not only a reduction in costs (and manpower and frustration…) for the business, but an improved experience for your customers. They’re able to go at their own pace, find exactly what info they need when they need it, and feel empowered in their interactions with your services. That’s a textbook win-win scenario.


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