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The best SaaS customer onboarding MUST include video

The best SaaS customer onboarding MUST include video

New users must gain value from your SaaS product ASAP or else you’ll lose them. A major reason why customers churn is that they're unable to fully utilize their investment quickly enough for it to be worth the time, effort, and budget.


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The leading factor in early "stickiness" of a product is onboarding. Bad (or no) onboarding risks losing people early, while good onboarding sets the user up for success and increases their engagement with your software.

However, scaling SaaS organizations cannot provide personalized training via customer success manager (CSM) for every new user. 

So, what is the best way to improve your SaaS onboarding for clients without adding headcount?

How-to videos.


How-to videos make a great SaaS onboarding experience


Video onboarding is the most popular, most requested, and most effective medium for onboarding and educating users. According to Flatfile, a whopping 97% of SaaS consumers believe that video is an effective tool to welcome and educate new customers.

The picture becomes even clearer with an Onboarding Statistics Report from Wyzowl. A quick rundown:

  • 65% of customers say video is their favorite way to learn how to use a product or service

  • 74% of users have watched a video to understand how to better use a software or mobile app

  • 69% of users say that more video should be utilized to improve software product onboarding

How-to videos can be used to explain complex concepts, show users how to fix common issues, demonstrate how to use specific features or functions, and more. SaaS companies can also provide ongoing support to their customers via a video library.

Videos are easy to digest, and customers can watch them at their own pace. Self-service is many users' preferred method to address challenges or questions, so video not only saves your team on bandwidth but it also gives the customer what they need when they need it, in the format they need it in.


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Examples of Successful How-To Videos in Customer Onboarding


Here are a few great examples of how SaaS companies are using how-to videos in their client onboarding programs:


HubSpot Academy



HubSpot Academy provides a comprehensive library of video resources for users to learn how to use their products. They offer certification programs and tailored learning tracks to help users become experts in their products.





New Slack users are presented with a series of videos that walk them through the basics of using the platform. Slack also provides a video tutorial library that cover a wider range of topics, from using Slack for remote work to integrating with 3rd-party apps.





Canva provides a library of tutorials and how-to videos to help users learn how to use their design software. They cover everything from basic design principles to advanced features.


How Videate Helps to Create Great Customer Onboarding Videos


In conclusion, customer onboarding is a critical component of the customer journey for B2B SaaS companies. Effective onboarding can lead to higher retention rates and customer success, but bad onboarding results in frustration and churn.

It's difficult to personalize CSM training for every user, but how-to videos are the most effective medium for onboarding and educating users-- plus, they relieve the burden on your support teams.

However, making video for a SaaS product that changes constantly? That's a tall order.

Until now.

At Videate, we understand how overwhelming it can feel to create SaaS onboarding videos. That's why we automate the whole process.

Videate makes it possible to provide a full library of up-to-date onboarding how-to videos, automatically. It's infinitely faster and easier to produce, maintain, and globalize videos than any other platform on the market.

Stop working harder and work smarter: see for yourself how Videate can help you make a full library of how-to onboarding videos in minutes.

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