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The ROI of Software Video Production

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Do you have a separate budget for producing software videos? If you are like most companies the answer is no. While a few very large companies have in-house video production capabilities and some other organizations use third-party resources, the most typical scenarios for creating software videos are these:

  1. The customer education or client success team makes videos.

  2. You use subject matter experts (SMEs) to make videos.

  3. No one makes videos.

In all of the above scenarios, the budget for software video production is buried in existing headcount or doesn’t exist at all. But that doesn’t change the fact that every time there is a new release of software the videos need to be re-recorded. Very quickly the videos are out of sync with the software, which puts you further behind your competitors, leads to lower customer satisfaction and generates more support calls.

Software videos are critical for training, support and sales enablement. Ask your customers. It’s not video vs. tech docs or help articles, it’s both, and different users prefer different solutions depending on the situation. It’s understandable if you’ve given up on producing software videos and rely only on tech docs or help articles. Keeping up with bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly releases requires resources that you don’t have.

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The above video from November 2019 shows Contacts one way, but HubSpot’s solution today looks like this now.


Big difference, and this is a huge company with lots of resources that hasn’t updated their videos. We are a happy HubSpot customer and love the product by the way!

It’s time to rethink your video strategy. Videate makes it possible to create hundreds of How To’s, Guided Tours and Demo videos and keep them up to date with every software release. But how can you justify spending money on a new platform if you haven’t before?

Here are some tips to help you with the ROI that automating software videos can have for your organization:

  1. Lower Cost and Sustainability. Videate is less expensive than using internal or off-shore resources and always keeps the videos up to date.

  2. Better Customer Education: The move to on-demand training from the classroom means that users consume content on their own time and video must be part of the solution.

  3. Fewer Support Calls: Always up to date videos will reduce the number of calls to support and training as there will never be a situation where the video is out of date.

  4. Localization and Translation: You can finally cater to a global audience in a scalable way, either through native language videos or closed-captioning in dozens of languages.

  5. Higher Revenue: Your sales and marketing resources can increase engagement to close more deals by simply editing a document and producing personalized videos in minutes.

Videate automates the production of software videos. We solve a problem that was impossible to solve unless you had a huge amount of dedicated resources. The benefit to your customers, partners and sales team will be enormous and the return on investment is easy to justify.

Does this sound familiar?

“We gave up on recording software videos because it was unsustainable.”

“I am spending a lot of time recording and editing videos for our software.”

There’s a new and better way with Videate.