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The Skyrocketing Demand for Video and Why You Should Care

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The battle for customer attention is fiercer than ever. 

As B2B SaaS companies strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences, the choice between traditional reading materials and dynamic video content has become the site of a battle between old and new. 

Do we focus on text because that’s what we’ve always done? Or do we meet today’s generations where they already are: video?

If you’re curious about where your competitors stand, it’s video.

A recently conducted survey of SaaS Customer Success leaders revealed a whopping 99% believe their customers demand video content. And 56% say their customers now prefer video over reading.

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The Shifting Landscape: Video's Meteoric Rise

Gone are the days when users would patiently sift through lengthy help articles and documentation to find solutions. The 2023 State of SaaS Customer Success and Product Training Videos Report unveiled a seismic shift in customer preferences - a shift that is rewriting the rules of engagement. Over the past three years, this transformation has gained momentum, and the numbers speak volumes:

The data shows insane year-over-year growth in the number of Customer Success leaders reporting that their customers now prefer video over traditional reading formats (a 155% increase from 2022, which itself was a 144% increase from 2021). 

This statistic marks a resounding affirmation of video's dominance in the realm of customer learning and support. The preference for video has nearly doubled each year, showcasing its rapid ascent to the forefront of customer engagement strategies.

As video's prominence reaches new heights, the preference for traditional reading materials has seen a notable decline. This shift in how humans consume information is undeniable, and it’s reshaping the landscape of learning and communication.

So if you’re not already making how-to and tutorial videos, the data suggests…you should probably get on that. ASAP.

Why Customer Success and Product Training Videos? And why now?

Attention spans are shrinking and information overload is a constant battle. We know this. We hear it on the news every day. The written word faces challenges in capturing and retaining audience attention. 

Video's ability to convey messages rapidly and engagingly aligns perfectly with this fast-paced digital landscape. From social media platforms to educational websites, video has become the language of the modern era, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact.

But it’s not just about the whole “TikTok generation” thing. Video introduces a powerful tool that transcends words: storytelling

The blend of visual and auditory elements enables the weaving of narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. Through the art of storytelling, abstract ideas are transformed into relatable experiences, fostering connections and emotional engagement. 

Human brains are wired to remember stories more vividly than mere facts or instructions, and video's ability to encapsulate stories within concise clips ensures that your message leaves a lasting imprint. This, in turn, paves the way for not just understanding but also profound retention and application of the information shared.

Video: Addressing the Insatiable Hunger for Self-Service

We’ve gotten used to instant gratification. Amazon packages, Netflix entertainment, and even some medical care is now available almost the second we want it. It’s no different for SaaS customers. They’re not just seeking solutions - they're demanding them. 

The increasing demand for video reflects a broader shift in consumer behavior, where choice and convenience reign supreme. Customers now expect not only top-notch products but also readily accessible and easily digestible information that empowers them to make the most of their investments. 

By recognizing and capitalizing on this trend, B2B SaaS companies can not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations, driving greater satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, long-term success.

The report results underscore this demand for self-service solutions. 93% consider video to be vital to customer acquisition and retention, and 77% believe that videos reduce support tickets. 

Customers want answers as soon as they have the question. Instead of adding headcount, many SaaS companies are turning to video to support this growing demand for service.

Video content offers customers the ability to troubleshoot, learn, and achieve goals independently. The on-demand nature of video tutorials allows users to pause, rewind, and replay as needed, enabling them to grasp complex concepts at their own pace. 

Unlocking the Power of Automation: From Challenge to Solution

For B2B SaaS companies grappling with the challenges of video production, Videate’s ai video maker is a liferaft in a sea of constant software updates. 

Manual video creation at scale is a daunting task, and the ever-evolving SaaS landscape only amplifies the struggle. But there's hope on the horizon:

  1. Automating Video Production: Videate revolutionizes the video creation process, freeing your team from the shackles of manual labor. With its cutting-edge technology, video production becomes faster, more efficient, and significantly scalable.
  2. Staying Ahead of Updates: The nightmare of outdated content is a thing of the past with Videate. Embrace the confidence that your video tutorials will always reflect the latest software iterations, keeping your customers engaged and informed.
  3. Reducing Churn, Increasing Retention: A seamless onboarding experience is key to customer retention. Videate ensures that your customers have access to the right information at the right time, reducing churn and enhancing satisfaction.
  4. Empowering Customer Success Teams: Videate empowers your Customer Success teams to focus on what truly matters - building relationships and providing strategic guidance. With the burden of manual video production lifted, your teams can dedicate more time to meaningful interactions.

As the curtain falls on the era of traditional reading materials, a new dawn rises - one illuminated by the brilliance of video. The report’s results reinforce the undeniable preference for video content. 

And with Videate by your side, the path to exceptional customer engagement has never been clearer. 

Embrace the video revolution, cater to the demands of your audience, and redefine your B2B SaaS customer success journey through the power of automation and dynamic video tutorials. Get a demo today!

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