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Videate announces new features to further revolutionize video automation

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Updates include improved UI and streamlined workflow


Austin, Texas, February 23, 2023. Videate is proud to announce its latest software release. It features a sleek new design, enhanced user interface, and cutting-edge automation improvements that simplify video creation, updates, and localization.

Existing customers will have the option to use the new UI starting immediately.

During an exclusive customer roadmap presentation last week, Videate also announced several additional capabilities that will be available at the end of this quarter, including: 

  • Advanced Compositor: This provides a library of 40+ templates that allow users to customize transitions according to their brand requirements. It also enables 4K recording for higher resolution and smoother motions in animated zooms. Users can also import transitions from popular tools like Adobe After Effects. 

  • “Where You Work”: The existing plug-ins for Google Docs and Office365 plug-ins will have a set of new features compatible with those recently announced for the Oxygen Web Editor. Videate brings video creation to the tools customers use every day, eliminating the need to learn complex video editors or use stand-alone voice-over products.

  • GPUs: High-performance graphics processors in the cloud are now available for software applications that are graphics intensive, like real-time maps. 

According to Dave Gullo, Videate Co-Founder and CEO:

"The future of video automation has never been brighter. With recent announcements from OpenAI, Videate is uniquely positioned to take customer content and generate how-to videos at ludicrous speed. Automating videos across thousands of applications is a challenging problem, but Videate is a perfect fit for integration with tools like ChatGPT."

Experience the future of video creation with Videate.


About Videate

Videate is the only video automation platform that keeps how-to and training videos up to date with every software release. 

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Austin, it is backed by S3 Ventures, the largest venture capital firm focused on Texas, Tensility Venture Partners, and Wavemaker Group. 

Customers including VMware, Cisco, Blue Yonder, Procore, and Docebo use Videate to produce videos for customer success, education and training, sales enablement, and product marketing. 

Learn more at www.videate.io.


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Mark Hellinger, Co-Founder and COO